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Information posted here collects in the right hand column of the Museum webpage as well as on the Tribal website’s “In The News” page. The post automatically posts to the Museum’s Facebook page.

Meskwaki Tribal Museum Guest Presentation: Tatiana Ergova

The Meskwaki Tribal Museum will have a special guest, Tatiana Ergova tonight. This event will be held at the Meskwaki Cultural Center and Museum and it will begin at 6:00 pm.

Tatiana is a scholar visiting from the Arctic in Russia and is from the Saami tribe. She would like to share her culture with the community. Tatiana is a beadworker and would like to demonstrate her technique as well as learn about our methods of beaded.

We hope you can stop in and not only learn about another culture, but to share some of your own knowledge.

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Holiday Expo Vendor Applications

Save the Date for the 2019 Meskwaki Holiday Expo Event!

Friday, November 29th through Sunday, December 1st to be held in the Meskwaki Veteran’s Convention Center at the Meskwaki Bingo Casino Hotel. Open Daily! Friday and Saturday, 10:00 am – 5:00 pm and Sunday, 10:00 am – 2:00 pm.

This event is FREE and OPEN TO THE PUBLIC!

If you’re interested in being a Vendor, please complete the form below.

*Please note:

A $50.00 Vendor Fee is required for non-member, non-occupant businesses. Make check payable to: Sac & Fox Tribe of the Mississippi in Iowa. Vendor fee is DUE November 28th.

**Holiday Expo is requesting each vendor donate an item from their merchandise for use as a door prize.

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Distinguished Service Award Recognition


2017-2018 Distinguished Service Outside the Profession Award Winner

West Des Moines, IA — The Art Educators of Iowa is pleased to announce Mary E. Young Bear of the Meskwaki Tribal Museum, Tama Iowa is our award winner for 2017-2018 Distinguished Service Outside the Profession Award Winner. This prestigious award, determined through a peer review of nominations, recognizes outstanding achievement and contributions in previous years to the field of art education at the elementary level.  The award will be presented at the AEI Conference to be held October 6 & 7 in West Des Moines, IA.

Mary E. Young Bear is an active art education supporter, an invaluable mentor and an amazing artist.  Mary was an integral part of the Art Educators of Iowa 2014 Fall Conference hosted in part by the Meskwaki Settlement School.  She was instrumental in securing local artists to speak and perform through the conference.  In addition, she conducted a presentation on beadwork and answered inquiries about the culture.  She provided context to the work and strived to help art teachers understand appropriate ways to include Native American culture in their classrooms.

Mary is always willing to step into the classroom and workswith high school students in the art room and family consumer classes.  She demonstrates the intricacies of beadwork, printmaking techniques and shares artifacts and history from the Meskwaki Tribal Museum.  As a community leader she works with students of all ages from elementary through adult.

Julie K. Bousum nominated Mary for this award.  “She has served as an active school board member and is currently using her leadership skills as a school board chairperson. She mentors many art teachers and community members, including myself.   In addition to her work at the Meskwaki Tribal Museum, she is an amazing artist. She is always willing to demonstrate and share her experiences at the Institute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe and has recently completed a two week artist-in-residence at the Denver Art Museum.

Mary E. Young Bear is a valued member of the Meskwaki Community.  She works for the benefit of its members and is dedicated to preserving and expanding the arts, especially for its youngest members.  Mary is generous with her time and talents in sharing information about the Meskwaki culture with educators outside the tribe and is truly a worthy recipient of the Distinguished Service Outside the Profession award.”

Upon receipt of her award, Mary responded, “To be recognized by AEI award committee is a very unexpected honor, and one I would like to accept on behalf of the Meskwaki Nation.  My position at the Meskwaki Cultural Center and Museum allows me to share our culture not only with the youth within our community, but the larger community that surrounds our home.  It is my hope this sharing creates a deeper appreciation of the Meskwaki history and culture.  Thank you!”

AEI is the professional association for art educators across the state of Iowa and is affiliated with the National Art Education Association (NAEA).  Members include elementary, secondary, middle level and high school art teachers; university and college professors; education directors who oversee education in our nation’s fine art museums, administrators and supervisors who oversee art education in school districts, state departments of education, arts councils; and teaching artists throughout the United States and many foreign countries.

For more information about AEI/NAEA and our awards program visit the AEI website at


Contact Information:

Shanise Brockshus Art Educators of Iowa Past President / Awards Chair

pastpresident@artedia.org  (712) 330-3204

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