Meskwaki Inc.


To create diverse, profitable and sustainable businesses that provide meaningful opportunities for the Meskwaki community.

About Us

Meskwaki, Inc. is incorporated under specific provisions of the Tribal Corporate Code dealing with wholly-owned tribal corporations. It is used as a holding company for economic development and business entities. Under the Tribe’s corporate code, Meskwaki, Inc. is operated by a Board of Directors appointed by the Tribal Council.

What We Do

Meskwaki, Inc. is a family of companies dedicated to the Meskwaki mission:

  • To use the Tribe’s various economic and legal advantages to develop and operate successful tribally-owned business enterprises.
  • To provide meaningful jobs and opportunities for Tribal members.
  • To provide the Tribe with an adequate income stream from its business operations so the Tribe may reach total economic self-sufficiency.


Meskwaki, Inc. Companies

Some of the Meskwaki, Inc. family of companies include:

  • Meskwaki Travel Plaza
  • Meskwaki Fuels Co.
  • Renards Manufacturing
  • Big River Trading Company
  • Red Earth Organix

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Board Members


 Vern Jefferson Chairperson
 Open Vice Chairperson
 Oliviah Walker Member
 Jay Finch Member
 Mike Canning Member

Meskwaki Inc. Contact Information

Physical Address & Mailing Address:

1494 305th St
Tama, IA 52339



Toll Free


Contact the Meskwaki Nation

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