Red Earth Gardens

Our Mission

Red Earth Gardens is an organic farm committed to growing food in a way that was taught to us by our ancestors. Nourishing Mother Earth while supporting the community through environmentally-sustainable practices, we grow vegetables, herbs, flowers and fruit.

What We Do

Before organic was, the Meskwaki stewarded the land and partnered with nature in meaningful and highly functional ways. We continue the tradition by moving beyond the minimum organic standards, to maximize both ecological benefits and quality of produce.

At Red Earth Gardens, we work to bring you quality vegetables, fruits, herbs, and flowers through a unique combination of indigenous land use ethics and cutting-edge best practices and tools in no-till market farming production methods.


Born from the desire to regain food sovereignty, the farm is growing healthy, beyond organic produce, developing the next generation of the Meskwaki workforce, and demonstrating regenerative agricultural practices.

Red Earth Gardens began in 2013 from the Meskwaki Food Sovereignty Initiative, motivated by the desire to improve the health of tribal members, develop the next generation of the tribe’s workforce, and continue the Meskwaki community’s deep connection to the land and one another. We do this by growing food, gathering around meals to celebrate the seasons throughout the year, and by hosting events in partnership with other tribal departments to promote healthy living on the Meskwaki Settlement.

Workforce Development

As a teaching farm, with a focus on workforce development, we provide the department’s programs and Summer Youth Employment to learn regenerative farming and job skills through on-the-job training.


We use no-till, beyond organic farming practices to build healthy living soils, which in turn grow flavorful and nutrient dense produce. We do this by managing a holistic agricultural system that honors and partners with nature in unique and mutually-beneficial ways. Visit Red Earth Garden’s website to purchase products and learn more about the garden.

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Red Earth Gardens Staff

Frank Blackcloud

Farm Team Member

Red Earth Gardens

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Adonis Lasley

Farm Team Member

Red Earth Gardens

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Tyrell Roberts

Farm Crew Leader

Red Earth Gardens


Helios Santos Ortiz

Farm Team Member

Red Earth Gardens

Ray Tahahwah

Assistant Farm Manager

Red Earth Gardens

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Waylon Wolf

Instructional Farm Manager Workforce Development

Red Earth Gardens

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Red Earth Gardens Contact Information

Physical & Mailing Address

1506 305th St (behind the Casino)

Tama, IA 52339

Farm Office Phone

(641) 484-9550

Sales Cell

(641) 481-1238

Farm Production Manager

Phone: (641) 481-0404

Email: [email protected]

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