About the Meskwaki Nation

Learn About the Sac & Fox Tribe of the Mississippi in Iowa

The Meskwaki Nation works hard to preserve our history. Our people are of Algonquian origin from the Eastern Woodland Culture areas and have been historically located in the St. Lawrence River Valley, Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, Missouri, and Iowa. After fighting in the Fox Wars and being relocated multiple times, the Meskwaki formally purchased land in Tama County, Iowa, which gave formal federal identity to the Meskwaki people as the “Sac & Fox of the Mississippi in Iowa.” We rely on the knowledge and experiences of the past, along with the will to survive to advance the people, culture, and well-being of the Meskwaki Nation.”

Preserving the Meskwaki Nation’s History & Language

Both history preservation and language preservation are of special importance to our tribe, which is why we created departments to research, maintain, and teach our culture to all generations. While our historical preservation department focuses on research, archiving, and perpetuating traditional resources, our language preservation department works to teach and continue the language of the Meskwaki people.

Meskwaki Tribal Members

The Meskwaki Nation has more than 1,450 enrolled tribal members. Our enrollment process consists of requirements meant to preserve the culture and traditions of the Meskwaki people. Membership criteria is set forth in our constitution.

Meskwaki Tribal Council

Our Tribal Council is the governing body of our Tribe, authorized to represent the Tribe in all matters. The Council consists of seven members who are elected at large from members of the Tribe living within the settlement. All members of the Tribal Council are recognized as persons of honor, law-abiding, and of good moral character.  New Council Members were elected in October 2021.  Photos and information coming soon!

Vern Jefferson
Tribal Chairman

Local, State and Federal Projects
Term Expire November 2025

Zach Old Bear

Term Expire November 2027

Mike Stacey
Vice Chairman

Term Expire November 2027

Andre Roberts

Term Expire November 2025

Vance Brown

Term Expire November 2025

Apollo Davenport

Term Expire November 2025

Leon Max Bear, Jr.

Term Expire November 2027

Lowella Balderas

Tribal Council Secretary / Non-Voting

Contact the Meskwaki Nation

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