Meskwaki Public Works

Our Mission

The Meskwaki Public Works Department strives to provide the Settlement community with a clean and healthy living environment and respond to the needs of the community with respectful consideration of the unique cultural character of the Tribe.

What We Do

Roads & Maintenance

The entire tribal road system consists of routes exclusively funded by the Tribe, those inventoried on the Indian Reservation Roads (IRR) funded by the Bureau of Indian Affairs, commercial access stubs, community and ceremonial access stubs, private driveways, and minor collector routes joining with state and county roads. 

The department provides snow and ice, and dusts control on all tribal roads on an as-needed basis. The Public Works Department is responsible for ensuring the safe and orderly flow of traffic on tribally-controlled roads and to develop standards such as speed advisory signage, traffic calming devices, defining weight limits, surface preservation, erosion and soil control, weed control, pedestrian and other non-vehicular usage, and hydrology.

Solid Waste Division

The Solid Waste Division’s future objectives are to implement recycling techniques, and develop into an educational resource to all sectors of the Settlement. In addition, the division would like to develop a community-wide recycling program available to all private, public and commercial enterprises on the Settlement. 

The present role of the Solid Waste Division is to provide regular trash collection and disposal services; keep roadways free of litter and other debris; utilize community service workers to perform roadside trash removal; and conduct a semi-annual community clean-up which addresses large items, household hazardous waste, and other special disposal needs. 

Appliance and furniture pick-up is an all year-round service provided by this Division.


The Utilities division provides water system resources and facilities planning; manages design, construction and rehabilitation of water production, storage and distribution; performs water quality assessments, including compliance with federal regulations; regularly monitors chemical balance; oversees cross connection and backflow control and prevention programs; responds to emergencies reported by tribal programs, commercial entities, and private individuals; administers permit, for the seven Tribal water wells and insures proper compliance with the Safe Drinking Water Act.

Trained personnel oversee all aspects of the wastewater treatment facility and monitor effluent discharge in accordance with wastewater permit, along with operating, maintaining and protecting the system that collects, treats, and disposes of the domestic and industrial sewage.  This division also generates water and sewer bills, maintains account records, monitors water consumption, and publishes a yearly Consumer Confidence Report. 

As a member of Iowa One Call, the Utilities division also conducts the underground locate service in the field.

Notices & Announcements

Service Information

Request for Service Guidelines

The Homeowner must fill out a community request form at the Public Works Department. Please call the office if you would like one mailed to you or visit the Member’s Only section of this website to complete the form on-line.

If rock/service can not be paid immediately, a payment arrangement can be made. An agreement form will need to be filled out at the time of the request.  Find the form in the Member’s Only section of this website.

A $3.00 per ton will be charged when rock or dirt is hauled, as a delivery fee.

Appliances and Furniture

Although there are times set aside for community clean-up, homeowners may have items picked up at any time of the year. Please call the office to notify us and to find out if there will be a charge.

Please do not dispose into dispose into dumpsters or dumpster areas:

– Washers
– Dryers
– A.C.
– Stoves
– Refrigerators
– Freezers
– Water Heaters
– Dehumidifiers
– Furnaces
– Dish Washers
– Light Ballasts
– Microwaves

Used Oil

Used oil can be dropped off at the Public Works building, Mon-Fri, 8:00 am – 4:30 pm

Tire Disposal

Landfill charges of $2 and $4 for tires without a rim and $7 and $9 with rim, depending on tire size. Also, a higher price for semi tires and larger.


Department Staff

Tonya Bear

Office Manager

Public Works

Roger Eberhart

Water/Waste Water Operator

Public Works

Joe Finzen


Public Works

Chad Keahna

Public Works Coordinator

Public Works

Department Contact Information

Office Hours

Monday – Friday: 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Phone Number

(641) 484-4600

Fax Number

(641) 484-4335

Contact the Meskwaki Nation

Get in touch with our main office if you have general questions or need assistance finding the correct department to contact.