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May 5th – National MMIW Awareness Day

Join us virtually for a walk/run/bike/hike at any distance to help bring awareness to our Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, Men, Girls, Two-Spirited and Grieving Families. This virtual event is a race at your own pace and place. RISE has collaborated with the following Tribes and Domestic Violence Programs to help bring awareness to our missing & murdered relatives.

This virtual event is free and will happen May 3rd – May 5th. To register, you can use the scan app in the flyer or you can call RISE at (641) 484-9336. First 100 to register will receive at MMIW mask. All participants who register will be entered into a drawing in which 50 names will be drawn! Prizes vary between tribes.

Help us spread awareness by participating in this event by sharing a picture of you during your exercise and location on the Meskwaki RISE Facebook Page, Prairie Band Potawatomi Facebook Page, ICADV and Safe Passages Facebook Page. You can also share a picture on all other tribal website we have collaborated with. You can also text your picture to (641) 481-0334 and we will share it for you. Use the hashtag #BRINGTHEMHOME and #RISEFORMMIW

The mission is to be in solidarity with the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, Men, Girls, Two-Spirits, Relatives, grieving families, and individuals working on the frontlines to end this epidemic of violence against Indigenous people.

We ask that you wear red during your choice of exercise to support this National Day of Awareness. Why red? Red dresses have been used to raise awareness of the large number of Missing Indigenous Women & Girls (#MMIW #MMIWG) for many years. Red is used not just to represent the many hearts broken by the loss of our stolen sisters but also because for many tribes red is a sacred color. So please wear red on May 5th to show that we have not forgotten our sisters, mothers, and daughters who have been taken from us.

Secretary of Agriculture Mike Naig visits with MNR

On Wednesday, July 8th Secretary of Agriculture Mike Naig stopped in for a visit with Meskwaki Natural Resources to discuss future opportunities for partnerships in conserving and protecting our land and water!
The Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship (IDALS) spends much of their time focusing on soil conservation and water quality initiatives. Both of these initiatives are vitally important and constantly on MNR’s radar for future projects and overall goals for the protection of the Meskwaki Nation’s resources.
Meskwaki Natural Resources has many projects and plans in the works that we are excited to see implemented that will help protect our land and water!

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Meskwaki Hosts 1st Round District Games

On Thursday, February 20th Meskwaki High School hosted the Class 1A First Round District games. The first game of the evening was Grundy Center versus North Tama. Grundy Center came out with a 69-40 win over the Redhawks and will advance to the next round. The second game ended with the Meskwaki Warriors defeating the GMG Wolverines 66-27. The Warriors will take on Grundy Center for the second round game at West Fork High School on Tuesday. February 26, 2020.

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Tribal Council Swearing In Ceremony for Vern Jefferson and Judith Bender

On Tuesday, February 18th community members and Tribal Operations employees gathered in the Tribal Chambers for a swearing in ceremony for the newly elected Tribal Council members Vern Jefferson and Judith Bender, who were elected during the recall election held on February 11, 2020.


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Senior Workouts

Fitness Specialist Jason Jefferson instructs a 30 Minute Senior Workout at the Meskwaki Senior Center on Monday and Thursday mornings from 11:20 to 11:50 AM. In the class, Jason leads participants through an array of different appropriate exercises for all fitness levels with the desire of getting our Meskwaki elders moving again. The participants are working on their fitness and having fun along the way.

One participant of the class stated, “It’s really nice to be able to have some place for exercising for the seniors because Jason goes at our pace”. Jason’s goal is to get our elders back to being able to do things they used to do and encourages others to join in on the fun. “Some people may be nervous about starting to exercise again, especially if they haven’t been doing it for a while, but I can adapt each workout to the individual. Some of the class participants have been doing it for a while now, but even if you are new, I hope you’ll come give our class a try,” stated Jefferson.

Participants are noticing how the class is helping them. Preston Duncan commented about having better mobility. He expressed, “I wasn’t able to raise my arm there for a while but after the second workout I was able to raise it.”

Typically, the Senior Workout class averages between 6 to 10 people who all seem eager and determined to exercise. One class goer proudly stated, “I haven’t missed a workout yet!”

The class was originally scheduled to conclude on February 6, 2020 but the seniors took a special interest and expressed they’d like to keep exercising. Judith Bender stated, “My goal is to gain strength so I can stop using my cane.” Jason has since continued the classes for any senior who would like to work out.

“I’ll be adding in a bit of Tai Chi once I’m certified in April,” he stated. Tai Chi, which is known to help with muscle strength, coordination, and flexibility, is great for people of all ages. Because it is low impact, it is especially helpful to the elderly.

For more information about the Senior Workout class or other fitness workout opportunities, contact Jason Jefferson at the Wellness Center. He would be happy to help.

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