Shelter In Place Extended to June 1st.

From the Executive Director:

The Tribal Council has approved the extension of the Shelter in Place order until June 1, 2020.

Tribal Operation Employees and Casino Employees will not return to work until then. The Tribe will continue to pay for the wages for all employees (up to 40 hours per week).

Employees will not accrue sick/annual or PTO leave beginning April 19, 2020 until we are back to work. Essential employees who continue to work full-time (40 hours) currently will continue to accrue annual/sick Leave and/or PTO leave.

Those working only a few hours a week will not accrue leave. The Tribal Council will meet again in a few weeks to reassess the situation.

If the State opens up sooner, we may return sooner.

Stay home and stay safe!

– JoAnn Youngbear