SettFit Begins Monday

We have 151 people signed up so far for the Meskwaki SettFit Challenge beginning THIS MONDAY – January 18! (How exciting!!!!)
If you haven’t signed up yet, DO IT NOW! It’s FREE to sign up and everyone who completes the first week’s goal will receive a $10 Amazon gift card!
If you have signed up, make sure you’ve activated your account in Wellable so you can track your progress, see the latest communications on the “bulletin board”, and more!
If you need help with activation or any other questions, all the Health Clinic at (641) 484-4094 and ask for Ashley or Jennifer (or Shannon can help as well) or call the Wellness Center at (641) 484-9271 and ask Jason to help walk you through the process!
“SIGN IN HERE” to get started. Call Ashley, Jennifer, or Jason if you need help getting started or reach out to Wellable Support.
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