SettFit 2021 Starting Soon!


Over the last few years, the Meskwaki Health Clinic’s Diabetes and Wellness programs have sponsored an annual health and wellness contest called “SettFit”. This year, due to the challenges associated with COVID-19 and social distancing guidelines, we have chosen to run the program through a new virtual health and wellness platform called “Wellable”.

With Wellable, you will have the opportunity to log into the program using an app on your phone and/or by logging in on your PC.  You can track activities on any wearable device or log them manually through the app.  You’ll have fun tracking your health and fitness goals while getting active, improving your health and well-being, and qualifying for really great prizes!


This year Meskwaki SettFit will begin by offering two 6-week programs (12 total weeks) gearing up for 2 top prizes in six categories! All Tribal community members and Tribal Ops staff are invited to participate.  Challenge starts on January 18th!


To get started, please create a Wellable account by logging on through the link below.

Once completed, you will receive access to your account through your email’s inbox.  There you will receive a welcome email containing your Wellable credentials and instructions for connecting an app or device to your account – it’s the easiest way to automatically track your activity and earn Wellable Points!

Click here to sign up!