Ragbrai Coming July 27

A reminder that RAGBRAI will be coming to town July 27th. They will be using E-49 as the route from Montour to Tama. Mid-morning to evening, E49 will be closed and impassable to vehicles because of bike traffic. Be sure and wave to all the Meskwaki Medicine Wheelz bike team members as they ride by!

** RAGBRAI riders can access the Powwow Grounds via Battleground Rd from E49 and back on Battleground Rd to E49 and into town. Law Enforcement indicated this is so they can avoid the powwow traffic and the long distance of gravel riding.

The Meskwaki Powwow Association is planning to host a cultural exhibition at the powwow grounds the evening of the 27th. Look for more information to come soon with details!