Pest Control Reminder

As the colder weather continues to set in, outside critters (mice and spider mainly in our area) will go into hibernation mode and either choose a natural shelter or a nice warm house with accessible entry ways. It is important to maintain your house’s siding, ventilation ducts, exit door gaps, central air unit piping and electrical work as these points are good entry ways to gain access into your homes.

Possible signs will be:
mice droppings
chewed insulation/drywall
nuts, grains, foods stashed in small areas
small red bite marks

The Meskwaki Apprenticeship Pest Control has plenty of interior treatment methods to take care of these nuisances. We also have bedbug treatments to accommodate any growing infestations you feel that may be required. If you are unsure, you can always set up an inspection by calling the Housing Office at 641-484-4972.

~ Brenton Pushetonequa
Apprenticeship Pest Control Trainer