New SettFit Challenge Begins May 3rd

A new health and fitness challenge will be starting through the Meskwaki SettFit Program (on-line) on May 3rd. All Meskwaki Community Members and Tribal Operations Employees are eligible to participate but you will need a smart phone or Health Activity Tracker/Watch to track your movement.  (If you do not have one but would like to participate, contact Ashley Aylsworth.)

Sponsored by the Meskwaki Diabetes Program and the Meskwaki Health Clinic, win prizes for being physically active as you step your way to bigger and better prizes! Are you ready to StepFit into Summer?

To find out more or watch the challenge unfold, sign up to be a part of our SettFit Facebook Group: 

To participate in the challenge, join us through the Wellable Program – Click this link to sign up and get started:

If you have questions or need help getting started, call the SettFit team:  Ashley Aylsworth, Jennifer Scales, or Jason Jefferson.

Notification of new StepFit challenge, Step Into Summer