Meskwaki Tribal Court Announcement: Online Payments

Meskwaki Tribal Court can now accept payments online for Fines and Fees, including Traffic Violations. You may make payments in full or partial payments. Please note: If making partial payments you must pay in full by the deadline given in your order.

To Make a Payment:

  1. Please visit and click the Pay Fees Online tab located at the bottom of the Home web-page or go to
  2. Select State – Iowa
  3. Meskwaki Tribal Court will automatically pop up
  4. Select “Make a Payment”
  5. The options of “Pay Citation, Fine or Court Fee” OR “Pay Bail Bond” will appear – user should select which option they want
  6. To pay a Fine or Fee, the user must either have their Citation Number and DOB OR their Case Number and DOB.

Disclaimer: Please note these are estimated balances, these may not include the full balance if you have anything pending, jail costs, doing community service, etc. The court is not responsible or liable for any outstanding balances or subject to action based on the amount provided in this system. Please contact Meskwaki Tribal Court with any questions regarding your balance.