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Meskwaki Cultural Center & Museum

“Know ye, that the Foxes are Immortal.”

Pemousa, Siege at Detroit, 1712

Visiting Hours:

Monday – Friday
8:30 AM – 4:00 PM
Other times by appointment


The Meskwaki Cultural Center & Museum was opened in 2010 (in part) as part of the Iowa Great Places designation received by Tama County.  Our mission is to give visitors a glimpse into our Tribe’s rich, cultural legacy.  Through the museum, we seek to share traditions, promote equality and encourage cultural awareness.

We are extremely proud of our heritage and invite you to visit us.


Our museum displays many artifacts that have been passed down, as well as other reacquired and repatriated items that have come home over the years.  Our displays include – arrowheads, bowls, spoons, other pottery, arrowheads, tools, clothing, jewelry, photographs and other objects.

Visitors are educated and receive insight in the tradition and culture of the Meskwaki (sometimes spelled Mesquakie).  By sharing our culture, we hope others walk away with open minds and open hearts, able to respect and learn from different cultures such as ours.


Workshops & Special Speakers:

Our museum and cultural center holds free educational programs, workshops, tours and presentations throughout the year.  Through these events, we seek to provide Tribal members, their descendants and the community with learning opportunities that protect, honor and preserve the Meskwaki culture, traditions and history.  Check out our community calendar to find a scheduled event.

“Click here to visit the Meskwaki history page or here to visit the State Historical Society of Iowa’s Meskwaki History site.

Historical Preservation

Historical Preservation Staff
Historic Preservation Director Johnathan L. Buffalo
Historic Preservation Receptionist Marian Wanatee
Conservator Mary Young Bear
Library Resource Technician Steven Kapayou
Physical Address: Mailing Address: Phone: 641.484.3185
303 Meskwaki Road
Tama, IA 52339
349 Meskwaki Road
Tama, IA 52339
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