Tribal Member Updates Evening 8.11.20

Power remains disconnected on the Settlement with no estimates from REC or Alliant on when power may be restored. Because power repairs could take days, Tribal Council is currently making preparations for the longer term needs of the community.  An Emergency Declaration will be forthcoming.

Beginning Wednesday, August 12th, an evening meal will be served to enrolled Tribal Members from 4:30 – 6 PM via grab-and-go curb side pick-up behind the Casino’s Convention Center.  Please wear a mask when picking up.

Although no major injuries have been reported to date, a majority of the houses on the Settlement have some damage. Additional Meskwaki Nation Police Department patrolling hours have been scheduled for safety purposes.  Public Works has installed temporary signage on the roadways, which are now open.

Tribal Council encourages everyone to be safe during clean up.  Because there are power lines down, broken glass, and debris located throughout, extra care and precautions are necessary.  Please stay hydrated.  During cleaning up, please separate housing debris from tree/plant debris and set near the road where Public Works can access it.

Community volunteers are desperately needed and being organized to clear debris.  Volunteers are also needed to help prep food for lunches for the volunteers.  Anyone wishing to help, should meet at the Meskwaki Tribal Center on Wednesday, August 12th at 10 AM (and everyday thereafter in the foreseeable future).  Dress accordingly and bring your own gloves, rakes, safety goggles, etc.

Phone/cell service in the area remains spotty.  The Meskwaki Health Clinic, Mental Health Services, and Pharmacy remain open daily but phone lines are still not working. Visit in person, if needed, or text to (641) 484-4094.

The casino is still hosting enrolled Tribal members who have been displaced from their homes due to structural damage and/or gas leaks, as well as members with health issues requiring power.  Tribal members who may yet be concerned about a gas leak, or have open damage to a residence that has not yet been reported, are urged to contact the Emergency Manager at (641) 481-1914 or Executive Office at (641) 481-0440.