Tribal Member Information Update

The Tribe is currently conducting a damage assessment of the Settlement.  We’re assessing downed powerlines and poles, gas leaks, damage to houses and facilities, etc.  We thank you for your support.

At this time:

Public works has all the  roadways OPEN on the Settlement.  Please take care when driving on the roadways and remember to conserve gasoline as the nearest gas stations remain closed or low on gas.

Power (electric) remains down for the entire Settlement.  Assessments are still underway so no estimates for return of service have yet been set.

Cell towers in the area are also damaged and cell phone service is spotty at best.

Health Clinic, Mental Health Services, and Pharmacy ARE OPEN but phones are not working.  Text (641) 484-4094 or visit in person.

Travel Plaza remains closed until further notice.

The casino is hosting enrolled Tribal Members who have been displaced from their homes due to structural damage and/or gas leaks, as well as members with health issues requiring power.

Saw and clean-up volunteers are desperately needed to help with clean up.  We will be seeking to set up teams this afternoon and will let you know where to come to volunteer soon.

If you have needs, contact Emergency Manager at (641) 481-1914 or Executive Office at (641) 481-0440.