Next SettFit Challenge Starts August 23rd

Wellness is more than just being active and eating well, and this challenge provides an opportunity to explore eight unique dimensions of wellness to help you build a holistic sense of fulfillment and well-being.
Prizes include three grand prizes awarded by raffle of $100 Visa Gift Cards and eight $25 Visa Gift Cards will also be awarded by raffle, along with other swag, along the way! Each person who completes the challenge (and watches the videos) will receive a tee shirt!
How To Enter
The easiest way to participate is to connect an app or device to our SettFit app called “Wellable”. If you have already done this, nice work! You will automatically be entered into the challenge. Your points will begin on August 23rd so be sure and start logging your nutrition and activity points on that day.
Complete rules have been emailed to current participants and are located in the bulletin board on the Wellable app!
Double check that your activity trackers are synced with the app and your sneakers are laced up and ready to go. If you have not already connected an app or device to Wellable, visit the Bulletin Board in your Wellable account and follow the easy instructions to get set up.
If you have NOT yet joined our SettFit Group through Wellable, sign up by visiting this link.
Get ready!