Natural Gas Pipeline Maintenance Begins Jan. 10, 2022

A crew from Northern Natural Gas will be performing Natural Gas pipeline maintenance beginning on Monday, January 10th . The work they will complete is to clear the path of the pipeline so that tree roots will not grow and create dangerous obstructions to it. The areas of work will be located on:

  • Gray Property was purchased in 1995 with known easements
  • Lyman Property was purchased in 2001 with known easements
  • Rogers property was purchased in 2012 with known easements
  • State of Iowa property purchases in 2016 and 2017 with known easements

The work they will perform will mitigate any potential hazards to the Meskwaki Community presented by the underground pipeline which was known to exist prior to the ownership of the tribe. It is routine maintenance to pipelines of this type that trees within a particular distance be cleared in order to prevent roots from impacting the integrity of the pipeline and creating a hazard.

This process has been vetted and facilitated by the Attorney General’s Office, Meskwaki Natural Resources, Realty and Housing Department and Meskwaki Emergency Management.  Please contact Mark V. Bear with questions at (641) 484-4678.