Monday Updates – Visual Damage Assessments

Meskwaki Nation Updates Monday, August 17th:
Office Staff will be coming to your homes today and/or tomorrow for a visual damage assessment (external) and for handing out the following relief information:
The power companies are requesting that anyone who doesn’t have power on the Settlement, individually call or report on-line to your power company that you are still without power. If you have not called them yet, please do so immediately.
REC call: 1-800-9347976 or go online to:
We are also keeping a list at the Tribal Center. Please call the Tribal Center so we can keep a running tally at (641) 484-4678.
If you need assistance with a health issue that is impacted because of your lack of access to power and/or home damage, please call the Tribal Center at (641) 484-4678 so we can assist you.
We are currently assessing damages and prioritizing repairs. With over 350+ houses on the Settlement, emergency repairs for patching roofs, shoring up windows, and ensuring houses are water tight are the priority. etc., etc. We realize most houses will need some repair work, so please be patient as we are working on assessments. If you feel you have been missed or have major damage that we may NOT yet be aware of, please call the Tribal Center and leave a message about the needed repair.
Debris collected is to be piled near the roadways of your residence. As you are picking up debris, put it in two piles, one for garbage (roofing material, etc.) and one for plant debris. Public Works will be collecting and removing it as time allows. With the magnitude of damage that exists, clean-up and repair will take months. Whatever you can pick up on your own would be greatly helpful. Saw teams continue to go out around the Settlement. We are working diligently to have large limbs and damaged trees sawed and removed. Outside contractors (logging crews, tree removal) are being organized to help with clean-up efforts.
Public Works is busy with debris removal on driveways and roadways, along with their normal duties related to water/sewer/garbage, etc. As you are cleaning out your refrigerators and freezers from spoilage, etc., please utilize the dumpsters at the Tribal Center. Teams will do their best to pick up garbage as much as possible but your continued helpfulness is appreciated!
If you have personal damage to property inside your homes and/or autos, lawn furniture, etc. Please take photos and get cost estimates for your damaged personal property. Be sure to call your insurance company to report your losses. With FEMA disaster funding, there may be individual federal funding available to you.
Family Services will begin working with families to submit forms for submission. This potential funding is not guaranteed but may be a way to help you recover funding for your damages. If you have personal property damage, please notify the Tribal Receptionist at (641) 484-4678. Leave your name, number, and address, and a Family Services representative will contact you in a few days to assist in the process.
An evening meal will be served to community members from 4:30 – 6 PM via grab and go curb side pick-up behind the Casino Convention Center for two more nights – tonight, Monday, Aug. 17 and Tuesday, Aug. 18. Anyone in the car will receive a meal.
Further assistance from the Red Cross, FEMA, and the Salvation Army are forthcoming.
It’s been a rough seven days but please know that we are thinking of you and working on disaster clean-up efforts as quickly and efficiently as possible. Although it will take some time, staff, and volunteers are working hard to get things done! Thank you for your support and understanding as we all work to get through this together.
Lawrence Spottedbird
Executive Director