MNR – Buffalo Meat Distribution 11.19.20

Meskwaki Natural Resources is excited to announcement the first buffalo meat distribution of the season! The Covid-19 pandemic caused many supply chain disruptions throughout the year and food security needs became more crucial and apparent than ever before. We are excited to be able to offer the Meskwaki Community a source of buffalo meat. Due to many disruptions however, MNR was only able to harvest about one third of what is typically done in a year. With that, we ask that you still bring reusable grocery bags to reduce the dependency on single use plastic, but we will not be offering an additional pound of meat for doing so. We want to ensure as many households gain access to this opportunity as possible. Finally, we ask that everyone in attendance wear a mask and to social distance while in line, and do not come if you are experiencing any covid-19 symptoms. Thank you to the community for the support year after year to help make this distribution a success! We hope to see you there!

Specialty Parts Available at South Farm Office – Organs: Kidney, Liver, Heart, and Tongue. Sign up for Rib Bones too!