Meskwaki Food Sovereignty Survey

Meskwaki Food Sovereignty is seeking community members to fill out a survey regarding the Settlement’s food systems. WIN FREE TEE SHIRT!



The mission of the Sac and Fox Tribe of the Mississippi in Iowa, aka the Meskwaki Nation, is ‘To provide those conditions and resources, on a continual basis, that allows the Meskwaki to survive as a viable people and culture.’ As the community has moved away from eating local foods and traditional foods on a daily basis to a more modern diet made of processed foods, diet-related illnesses such as diabetes are on the rise. A transition to fresh, whole foods and cultural foods on a daily basis and a local foods economy on the Settlement can positively influence these health trends, as well as provide jobs and increase opportunities for locally-owned businesses and revenue for the Tribe. The community and the Meskwaki Tribal Council identified the creation of a sustainable, community food system as a priority in ensuring the long-term success of the Tribe. As a result, the Meskwaki Food Sovereignty was formed in early 2012 to help facilitate this process.

Meskwaki Food Sovereignty provides resources, education, and support to community members. The Meskwaki Community Farm broke ground in early 2013 to grow food, support new farmers, and act as a community learning and gathering space. The mission of MFS is to secure food sovereignty by seeding, growing, and harvesting Meskwaki indigenous knowledge and life-ways. In order to gain a better understanding of the Meskwaki Settlement food system and ensure that community input, values, and goals guide future food system development, Meskwaki Food Sovereignty Team is updating the ‘Food Sovereignty Assessment’ survey.

The survey consists of 70 questions and will remain open until January 31st. All local Native community members, 18+, within a 25 mile radius are welcome to fill out the survey. Tee shirts will be given out for all who completely fill out the survey. Tee shirts will be ordered and distributed in February. (Sorry, we will not be mailing shirts out.)