Join Us in Celebration of Meskwaki Nation Day

What we celebrate this weekend is the end result of a policy that was begun by our People to have a home in order to grow crops, raise children and practice our own Meskwaki religion without interference. We honor our grandfathers and grandmothers who came here, fought to stay, and endured the deprivations that now, more than a century later, seem far away. The annual celebration on July 13th provides the Tribe, its friends, and surrounding community a chance to reflect on this great shared history and an opportunity to communicate our values and pride to the children.

Check out our history page and learn more about Meskwaki history here.


On May 27, 1992 the Tribal Council passed a resolution marking the date of July 13th as an official Meskwaki National Holiday …

Whereas, the Mesquaki Nation of Iowa were the only Indian Tribe to purchase land in Iowa for the establishment of the Mesquaki Indian Settlement on July 13, 1857, and

Whereas, the Mesquaki Nation of Iowa is forever grateful for the foresight and spirit that the tribal leaders who purchased the original lands had for the future of the Mesquaki Nation, and

Whereas, the Mesquaki Nation of Iowa shall always recognize the significant contribution of the original founders and families of the Mesquaki Indian Settlement, and

Whereas, the Mesquaki Nation of Iowa has been and will be able to thrive on their original homelands comprising the Mesquaki Indian Settlement due to the original founders and families who purchased the land, and

BE IT RESOLVED, that the Tribal Council of the Mesquaki Nation of Iowa hereby proclaim the date of July 13, 1857 as a significant date in the Tribe’s history and the Mesquaki Nation will always honor the significant contribution the original founders and families made for the tribe by declaring this date a Meskwaki National Holiday from this date forward, and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Tribal Chairman and the Tribal Secretary are hereby authorized to sign this proclamation.


We do hereby certify that the foregoing proclamation was duly presented and acted upon by a vote of 4 for and 0 against, at a regular meeting of the Mesquaki Tribal Council, a quorum being present, and held on May 27, 1992, at the Mesquaki Indian Settlement, Tama, Iowa


Keith C. Davenport, Tribal Chairman
Harvey Davenport, Jr., Tribal Secretary