Iowa River Flooding

The Iowa River crested at 12.22 ft at the Highway E49 Bridge near Battleground Road last night (May 31, 2020), and has since been receding, but is still above the National Weather Service’s “Action Stage” of 12.0 ft. The low-lying areas west and east of Battleground Road, including the majority of the Pow wow Grounds are expected to be inundated with 0-2 ft of water on average, with some particularly low areas experiencing depths of 2-6 ft. Additional low-lying areas south of Meskwaki Road, and forested floodplains of the river are expected to be similarly flooded. 
To see what specific impacts the flooding may have for you, visit the USGS flood inundation mapper webpage to view the predicted flooding extent and depth at the following link: When the page loads, click the triangle near the center of the map, and then select boxes for “View Satellite Imagery” and “View Depth Grids” on the left tab of the pop-up window. Minimize the window, and then click ​the “Action Stage” box on the left tab.  You will then be able to view the predicted flooding extend and coverage of the flooding near your location by clicking the crosshairs icon at the top left of the map, or simply navigate by cursor to your desired location. Please email Meskwaki Natural Resources with any questions or concerns at or