Indian Country Today Visits the Meskwaki Nation

We are honored that correspondents Mary Annette Pember and Aliyah Chavez from Indian Country Today have chosen to be on site for the 2020 Democratic Caucus at the Meskwaki Indian Settlement.   They will be live streaming the event for all of Indian Country to see.

Watch the live coverage by visiting this site:

Over the weekend, the corespondents visited the Meskwaki Cultural Center and Museum and interviewed Historian Johnathon Buffalo, Tribal Chairman Dawson Davenport, Democratic Precinct Chair Donnielle Wanatee and Vice Chair of the Iowa Democratic Party’s Native American Caucus Christina Blackcloud.

Click here to view the  story.

Thank you, Indian Country Today, for highlighting the Meskwaki Nation  and helping to educate people about the caucus process.  We appreciate the work the organization provides to keep Indian Country updated and informed.

Indian Country Today is a daily digital news platform covering the Indigenous world.  According to their website, the nonprofit news organization is the largest news site covering tribes and Native people throughout the Americas and  focuses on delivering news via mobile phones and the web.