Health Clinic Announcement

Health Clinic Announcement!

The Meskwaki Clinic and Pharmacy will be closed at noon starting this Friday April 10. We will also be closed on Saturday April 11 as the construction company removes our rooftop units and installs new ones. This will shut down our HVAC system and allow zero airflow through the building. We are closing for cautionary reasons so we can have a functioning HVAC system in our facility. This has been 10 years in the making so thank you for your understanding!

For any urgent appointment, please go to Urgent Care in Marshalltown or local ER of your choice. Please call the Clinic and leave message if you do go so we can ensure medical bills are paid.

For pharmacy refills and deliveries, please call ASAP. Please notify your relatives who may not use Facebook.

Any questions, please ask here or I can be reached at 641.485.1462