Cooling Center

A cooling center has been set up at the Meskwaki Tribal Center for community members needing an air-conditioned space to temporarily deal with the health effects of the heatwave hitting our area today and tomorrow if necessary. Cold water will also be provided.

With the excessive heat expected today and tomorrow, the Meskwaki Tribal Center gym will remain open as needed and will be closed for recreational use.  If you do not have access to air conditioning, please go to the gym and check in with the receptionist for assistance. The gym will be open day and night if needed.

All are reminded to drink plenty of fluids, avoid strenuous outdoor activity during the heat of the day, and check on relatives, neighbors, the elderly and your pets.  Anyone overcome by heat should be moved to a cool and shaded location and call 911.

Meskwaki Tribal Center Gym Cooling Center Notice