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Purpose of the MYP Program

Our purpose is to provide opportunities focused on knowledge and cultural rules, norms, and values. Also, to create youth-centered learning environments that offer positive learning opportunities, encourage individual growth, and promote positive social interactions

Focus of Programming Content:

Promotion of critical thinking, reflection, and mature problem-solving skills. Also, construction of individual knowledge and meaning.

Role of the Youth Worker:

Encourage the development of autonomy, natural curiosity, initiative, cooperation, and reflection in youth.

Role of Youth:

Active; must work toward the ability to self-regulate learning and personal development activity.

Attitude toward Change & Development:

Transmission of cultural values and norms leads to the development of desired personalities in youth people.

Our Approach to Youth Work


This approach to youth work is built on the assumption that youth can contribute dramatically to help frame, shape, and influence community life. In this context, youth should be viewed as a valuable asset to the community. As is the case with other members, their opinions, interests, and values should be sought and integrated in the community as a whole. The views of youth are to be encouraged, welcomed, and valued by community members. Youth are seen as important contributors to community life, problematic at times, and in need of intervention and control on the part of adults at times. The integrative approach encourages the full participation of youth in community life (Edginton, et al, 2005, p.99).


This approach starts with the assumption that youth are inherently good and the work of youth workers and youth organizations is to assist them in their future positive development. The focus of the pro-social approach is to build assets within youth that strengthen them against the ills of society. In other words, if youth today are prone to engage in premarital sex, act violently, take drugs, drink alcoholic beverages, steal, lie, cheat, or engage in other delinquent behaviors, it is the role of the youth workers “to guide or even steer” youth with appropriate values so that they make decisions that result in desirable behaviors. The task is in building competencies within individuals to assist them in their journey from adolescence to adulthood. The assumption here is that communities can build their base of assets and diminish the deficits by building programs and services for youth that help strengthen their ability to operate successfully (Edginton, et al, 2005,p.98-99).


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