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Administrative Health Services


Working together for better health.

Improving efficiency by planning and coordinating medical and health care services to the Meskwaki Nation. The team can help with Medicare/Medicaid questions, billing, medical records, questions and more. As your health advocates, the team is the health service delivery system for the Tribe.




Administrative Staff
Health Director Rudy Papakee, MHA
Medical Business Office Manager Amanda Bergmann
Benefits Coordinator Tamela Davenport
Benefits Coordinator Gloria Fonseca
Medical Records Clerk Vanity Kapayou
Medical Records Clerk Nancy Jungling
Registration Clerk Maria Rubio
Registration Clerk Amanda Hauser
Registration Clerk Kalila Vega
Contract Health Specialist Natalie Wanatee
Medical Referral Coordinator Crystal Whitebreast
Office Assistant Taylor Henry
Health Claims Editor/Collector Stephanie Thompson
Health Claims Editor/Collector Casey Cibula


Clinic & Pharmacy 641-484-4094
Contract Health Services 641-484-9406
Benefits Coordinator 641-484-9431
Medical Records 641-484-9404
Community Health Representative 641-484-9419
Diabetes Program 641-484-9414
MADAC 641-484-9482
Wellness Center 641-484-2896
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