Community Meals Update

An evening meal will continue to be served to comm. members from 4:30 – 6 PM via grab and go curb side pick-up behind the Casino Convention Center for two more nights – Tues, Aug. 18 and Weds Aug. 19. Anyone in the car will receive a meal. Thurs. community meals will begin in Tama at Fire Dept. – See info below:

FREE Hot Meals USA will be in Tama daily beginning this Thursday serving HOT food for both lunch and supper. These folks are traveling from Kearny Nebraska with helpers and a certified chef and are here to help us as a community.

They will be set up at 305 Siegel Street on the south side of the Tama Fire Department. If you are in need or know someone in need, come eat. If you are in town as a lineman, volunteer, or just need a prepared hot meal, come down. They are here to help.

They will be serving a hot meat, potato and vegetable at each meal.

These folks have served over 125,000 meals this year and will be serving until the community doesn’t need them anymore. They will have dinner and supper.

Take a break from clean up and get a meal. Help spread the word!