Community Health Representative

Our Mission

The mission of the Community Health Representative (CHR) Program is to provide outreach health care services and health promotion/disease prevention services to Tribal members in our community.

What We Do

The CHR Program was implemented in 1968 to improve the health knowledge, attitudes, and practices of Indian people by promoting, supporting, and assisting the Indian Health Service in delivering a total health care program. The efforts of CHR program staff have produced an American Indian service delivery system, which provides follow-up and continued contact with the health care delivery system at the community level, thereby meeting the most basic needs of the American Indian. The goal of the CHR Program is to address health care needs through the provision of community-oriented primary care services, including traditional Native concepts in multiple settings, utilizing community-based, well-trained, and medically-guided health care workers. Sac & Fox Tribe Community Health Representatives are members of the Aberdeen Area CHR Association. In addition, health-related workshops and in-services are provided for CHR’s to continue their education.

Primary Services

Transportation services remain the department’s top service. Specifically, the CHRs: 

  • Transport dialysis patients Monday through Saturday to the Marshalltown Dialysis Center
  • Transport patients referred by the Meskwaki Clinic to specialty clinics
  • Set up and deliver medications to those patients who require assistance
  • Provide transportation for patients of Meskwaki Health Clinic
  • Perform home visits
  • Deliver and set up medication 

Transportation Services 

Transportation is available for:

  • Patients seeking medical assistance to health facilities
  • Patients living within a 25 mile radius of the Settlement
  • Minor patients accompanied by a parent or guardian

Transportation Guidelines 

To better serve our patients and organize services, please adhere to the following policies:

  • Call to schedule transport at least 2 business days in advance:
    • Weekdays: 8:00 am to 4:30 pm
  • Schedule your health appointments:
    • Local Appointments: 8:00 am to 4:00 pm
    • Out of Town Appointments: 9 am to 3 pm
  • Transportation is not always guaranteed:
    • Emergency appointments depend on the CHR schedule
    • Please consider CHR as your LAST resort
    • Specialty clinic appointments must be referred by a provider of the MHC
    • Patients are responsible for their own 1/2 sheets
  • CHR will not provide transportation for the following:
    • Patients who require ambulance services
    • Patients intoxicated or under the influence
    • Patients leaving a medical facility against medical advice
    • Patients with known public health issues (bed bugs, etc.)
    • Patients who own or have an operable vehicle within the household
    • Out of state appointments

Community Health Representatives and/or other patients will not be subjected to verbal or physical abuse at any time. Abuse of any form will result in permanent suspension of transportation services.

Additional CHR Services

Health Education/Counseling

We coordinate and sponsor a mini health fair during the Summer Youth Employment Program for participants ranging between ages 14-18. We also participate in the Health Fair sponsored by the Diabetes Program, and we sponsor and assist other programs with community fun run/walks.

Monitor Clients

We monitor patient blood sugar levels, blood pressure, weight, and medications. We make home visits with diabetes patients and hospital discharge patients.

Emergency Care Case Management/Coordination 

We follow up with patients after a hospital discharge by providing medical equipment, medications, and wound care, as needed.

Health Promotion 

We discuss with clients the importance of healthy lifestyles and encourage them to exercise, eat nutritious foods, and take prescribed medications.

Disease Prevention 

We sponsor a mini health fair for Summer Youth Program Participants with discussions about STDs, nutrition, exercise, family planning, substance abuse, diabetes prevention, and blood pressure checks.


Another important service we offer is making sure our clients understand their doctor’s directive for their health care and well-being. With some of our elderly Meskwaki patients, we are required to translate English to Meskwaki to help the patient understand the doctor’s instructions.

CHR Staff

Tatum Davenport

CHR Driver

Health Clinic

[email protected]

Edward Kapayou, Jr.

CHR Driver

Health Clinic

[email protected]

Amara Powell

CHR Driver

Health Clinic

[email protected]

Danelle Wabaunasee

CHR Coordinator

Health Clinic

[email protected]

Ross Wabaunasee

CHR Driver

Health Clinic

[email protected]

Contact the CHR Staff

Phone Number  

(641) 484-9419

Physical & Mailing Address 

1646 305th Street

Tama, IA 52339

Contact the Meskwaki Nation

Get in touch with our main office if you have general questions or need assistance finding the correct department to contact.