Census 2020 Coming Soon

The Census is a count of every person who lives in the United States.  It happens every 10 years and begins this spring.

Because we do not share enrollment information with the government, it is important for us to help provide an accurate count of Native Americans on the Settlement and in the United States.  These numbers help shape how billions of dollars in federal funds are distributed each year for programs and grants to communities like ours.

Your responses are confidential and protected by law.  Information cannot be shared with other government agencies or law enforcement including federal, local, and/or tribal authorities.  Regardless of age, nationality, ethnicity, or where we live, we all need to be counted.

Please fill out your Census information.  It is vital and can benefit Native people and our community!

An information booth will be set up at the Tribal Center on March 13th to answer any questions.

~ Lucie Roberts, 2020 Census Tribal Liaison