Animal Wellness “Doggie Day” Event

On May 9th the Meskwaki Nation Police Department and the Animal Rescue League of Des Moines conducted our MNPD dog wellness day event. See more pictures here:
The event offered the Meskwaki Settlement community an opportunity to receive personalized tags, collars, vaccines and Home-Again microchips.
-53 dogs serviced
-43 Microchips issued
-49 Rabies vaccinations
-53 Distemper/Parvo vaccinations
-47 personalized tags produced and supplied
Big thanks to Meskwaki Public works for the facility preparation and to the Animal Rescue League of Des Moines for getting the doctors, technicians and other team members together.
Thank you to Animal Wellness Intervention Coordinator Robyn Dobernecker as well. Robyn was instrumental in the coordination of this event and has been a steady, reliable point of contact to the tribe.
Last but not least, thanks to the Meskwaki Settlement community members who participated and a special thank you to the family of LaDonna Garcia.
-Your MNPD 🙂