American Indian Council to Offer Payments to Native Volunteers

The American Indian Council is offering stipends for up to 10 volunteers to assist in the Meskwaki Nation’s recovery efforts due to the recent derecho storm disaster.

They are looking for the following:
• 5 volunteers to work with Food Sovereignty
• 5 volunteers to work on general storm cleanup efforts
• Total payment/stipends are available per person of:
• $9.50/hour plus required workers comp, etc.
• Part time up to 2 months
• Full time for up to one month
• Maximum of 160 hours

Volunteers will need to sign up with the American Indian Council.

If interested, please come to the Meskwaki Tribal Center, 349 Meskwaki Rd., Tama, Iowa at 1 PM on Wednesday, August 18th to sign up or contact Krista Snow from the American Indian Council at (641) 754-1400 ext. 7 for more information.

Participants do not need to be enrolled members or descendants of the Meskwaki Nation but must be members or descendants of any Federally recognized Tribe.

Those who wish to participate must have the following documents:
• CDIB or Tribal ID
• State issued ID
• Physical address
• Social Security card
• Proof of income, including per-cap, child support, etc.
• If a male over the age of 18: selective service number.