03/05/2020 MNR Weather Announcement


Meskwaki Nation is in a high wind advisory which can cause an elevated risk of fire danger. Please avoid using fire as they can quickly become dangerous conditions. Strong winds will reach gusts of upwards of 50 mph. Fires can spread rapidly and easily get out of control with strong winds, low humidity, and dry ground/vegetation conditions. Out of control fires can easily threaten the safety of people, pets, and houses.

If you see an out of control fire, please call 911 to notify officials to respond immediately. If you see a fire that is under control, but not monitored by a person please notify Meskwaki Natural Resources immediately.  Meskwaki Natural Resources, the BIA, and local City Fire Departments work together to ensure the safety of the Meskwaki Settlement.

If you have questions or non-emergency concerns about the 2020 fire season, please contact Megan at Meskwaki Natural Resources at (641) 484-3511 or by email megan.dietrich@meskwaki-nsn.gov