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Family Services


To empower children and their families to achieve or maintain a state of well-being while upholding the cultural values of the tribe and the laws that govern the tribal community.


To strengthen families of the Meskwaki Indian Settlement by promoting healthy family functioning in an atmosphere of self-determination and traditional cultural values. Helping people connect with their extended family, community agencies and resources in a positive way to create a network of support. Individual, Family, and Group counseling are available to help families solve the situations and issues they may face in today’s world.




Indian Child Welfare Services:

  • Advocacy and skill building for Native American Families who are involved in Child Protective Cases or are at risk for involvement.
  • Family Group Decision Making: Helping families keep children from out of home placement by bringing a key family member together to develop a plan for their future.
  • Protective Payee Program: Assisting at-risk families with budgeting of monthly bills and ensuring that the immediate needs of their children are met first and foremost.
  • Parenting Skills Development: Helping parents understand and provide for the developmental and cultural needs of their children.

Child Care Voucher Program

  • Designed specifically to help eligible Native Americans pay for childcare.
  • Available to children of income-eligible parents who are absent for a portion of the day due to employment or participation in academic or vocation training.



  • Working or attending an approved training or education program
  • Have income under the programs limits, according to the family size.
  • Have a child who needs care and is under 13 years of age or under 19 years of age if the child has special needs.


How to Apply:

  • Applications are available at Meskwaki Family Services. To complete your application you must have the following:
  • Tribal Identification
  • Completed application
  • Previous year tax return



The link below is provided as a service and resource to the Iowa Department of Human Services and Child Protection Workers as they work to provide Indian children with the best care possible while complying with state and federal provisions of the Indian Child Welfare Act.

Indian Child Welfare Act

ICWA Resources

PROTECTIVE PAYEE PROGRAM (Financial Skills Strengthening Families)

  • Ensuring the proper use of minor and vulnerable adult per capita distributions.
  • Equipping members of the Meskwaki Community with the knowledge and confidence needed to manage personal finances, with skill and judgment.
  • Assist community members who would like assistance with their per capita distribution, personal finances, social security benefits, and/or advice on seeking our public assistance. The payee can conduct financial assessments, create personal financial plans, and provide information and guidance promoting fiscal responsibility.


  • Assist you in developing and/or maintaining money management skills.
  • Personal Financial Assessments
  • Goal Setting
  • Record Keeping Strategies
  • Developing Spending Plans
  • Understanding Credit and your  Credit Report
  • Debt Management
  • Bill Payment: Over Seeing Payment of, and Staying Current with, Monthly Living Expenses
    • The protective payee can direct individuals or families in need of social services to the appropriate agency.
    • Meskwaki Family Services also provides payee services for individuals receiving Social Security benefits. This service may be entered on a voluntary basis.
    • The Social Security Payee Service provides the same services as the Protective Payee Program.


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