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Meskwaki Alcohol and Drug Abuse Center

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To provide alcohol and drug treatment, and prevention services to the Meskwaki Tribe in order to promote the health and well-being of individuals, families, and community members.


The Meskwaki settlement’s adults, adolescents, children and families will have optimal physical and mental health; where mental health, substance abuse, dependency and addiction are recognized as health issues; and where stigma and other barriers to recovery are eliminated.

The Meskwaki Alcohol and Drug Abuse Center:


Services provided include:

Program Director Marilyn Spoon
Administrative Assistant Marj Buffalo
Substance Abuse Counselor Randy Inhelder
Substance Abuse Counselor Joetta Roberts
Substance Abuse Counselor Vacant


Physical Address: Mailing Address: Phone: 641.484.9482
1646 305th Street
Tama, IA 52339
1646 305th Street
Tama, IA 52339
Fax: 641.484.4237