The Meskwaki Food Sovereignty Initiative

(MFSI) is the umbrella name for all the local and traditional foods initiatives on the Settlement. MFSI has two main focuses:

Work done under the MFSI includes:

Red Earth Gardens


Red Earth Gardens is a tribally owned and operated commercial farm that grows a diversity of vegetables, fruits, herbs, and flowers without chemical fertilizers or pesticides.

Future goals for Red Earth Gardens include:

The produce from Red Earth Gardens is available through these outlets:

The Community Garden

The Grower's Cooperative

AmeriCorps VISTA logoCommunity Based Projects

The Meskwaki Food Sovereignty Strategic Plan will be used as a guide in providing the Meskwaki community with access to resources, education, and support emphasizing local and traditional foods. A draft of the plan was created with community input, values, and goals in guiding its development.

Workshops are a large part of the MFSI programming. See calendar for dates of any future workshops

Community Meals

Community Meal

Meskwaki Settlement School

Meskwaki Settlement School Garden School Garden

School Curriculum

Senior Garden


Tama County Economic Development

Iowa Valley RC & D

Practical Farms of Iowa

First Nations Development of Institute

Iowa Rural Development Council


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