7 Member Commitee - appointed by the Tribal Council

The Applications for Enrollment must be complete, before recommending to the Tribal Council, whom, makes the final decision to enroll.



  1. Certified Birth certificate with enrolled father's name.

  2. Paternity statement signed, by the father and notarized.

  3. Family tree

  4. DNA Test

  5. Social Security Card


All information is confidential. The burden of proof shall remain on the applicant to establish eligibility for Membership.

Application packets are available at the Enrollment Office.


Enrollment Staff
Enrollment Officer Roberta Benson
Chair/Board Member Lynn Morgan
Secretary/Board Member Marian Davenport
Board Member Hilda YoungBear
Board Member Ramona Sanache
Board Member Anthony Waeskuk
Board Member Penny Old Bear
Board Member Tonya Bear


Physical Address: Mailing Address: Phone:
349 Meskwaki Road
Tama, IA 52339
349 Meskwaki Road
Tama, IA 52339


fax: 641.484.8008